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1 A member of a Turkic people of north-western China, particularly the Xinjiang region, and adjoining areas. ‘Delegates, including Tibetans, Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong and Macao, and Turkic Uighurs from Xinjiang in the remote northwest, struggle to make themselves understood in Mandarin.’. More example sentences. ‘Security officials The vowels of /i/and /e/ play an important role in the Uighur pronunciation system.The evaluation of both vowels and their variants has always become the focus of scholars' research.Particularly,since the 1990s,a large number of researches have appeared,with various research methods and perspectives.A scientific review of the research can not only reveal the Uighur pronunciation at all levels Uyghur pronunciation in English [en] ˈwiːɡər. Accent: American Other.

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uighur pronunciation in English [en] ˈwigʊər. Accent: Other. 2019-12-16 Learn how to pronounce "Uighur Muslims" with the American Pronunciation Guide ("APG")!The American Pronunciation Guide is devoted to descriptive linguistics- The thing is, the ambiguity of Eng. spelling is such that an English speaker must choose from the often several pronunciations of each letter or letter-pair in the Romanization. “Uyghur” is kind of a perfect storm: consider how many pronunciations an English-speaker can imagine for ‘u’, ‘uy’, ‘g’, ‘gh’.

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Accent: American Other. American. Uyghur pronunciation Pronunciation by travischaney (Male from United States) 1 votes Good Bad. Add to favorites.

Uighur-English / English-Uighur Dictionary &; Phrasebook

noun. a member of a Turkish people dominant in Mongolia and eastern Turkestan from the 8th to 12th centuries a.d., and now living mainly in western China. the Turkic language of the Uigurs. Based on the International Phonetic Alphabet-IPA ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA ), the correct pronunciation of “Uighur” or “Uyghur” (not the wrong pronunciation in media or dictionaries) is as follows: First of all, both “u”s are vowels, not consonants. 2009-07-09 · UIGHUR, the ethnic group, is pronounced WEE-guhr (-w as in wet, -ee as in meet, this is the established anglicisation) The name is usually pronounced in English as / ˈ w iː ɡ ʊər /, although some Uyghurs and Uyghur scholars advocate for using the closer pronunciation / uː i ˈ ɡ ʊər / instead, with the vowels in the beginning of the word pronounced like the vowels in the English word "ruin".

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Who is/Who was Uighur. What does Uighur mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation of the word Uighur. Information about Uighur in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.
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A member of a mainly agricultural Turkic people inhabiting the Xinjiang region in China.

This page is made for those who don’t know how to pronounce Uighur in English. Above there is a transcription of this term and an audio file with correct pronunciation. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Uighur in Beijing on pronouncekiwi.
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Como dizem Uighur Inglês? Pronúncia de Uighur 3 pronúncias em áudio, 7 sinônimos, 1 significado, 13 traduções, 2 frases e mais, para Uighur. It also presents a reconstruction of the Inherited Uighur Pronunciation of Chinese (IUPC) based on U 5335 and other Chinese texts also written in Uighur script. The book consists of four chapters: the first begins with a review of research on IUPC and then discusses Chinese words in the Uighur translation of the Xuan-zang Biography.

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The name is usually pronounced in English as / ˈwiːɡʊər /, although some Uyghurs and Uyghur scholars advocate for using the closer pronunciation / uːiˈɡʊər / instead, with the vowels in the beginning of the word pronounced like the vowels in the English word "ruin". The original meaning of the term is unclear.

English - Sinhala  Meaning and definitions of Uighur, translation in Punjabi language for Uighur with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of Uighur in  Also find spoken pronunciation of Uighur in Hindi and in English language. Tags for the entry "Uighur". What Uighur means in Hindi , Uighur meaning in Hindi,  Uyghur is a Central Asian Turkic language spoken by 10–11 million Uyghurs are provided with a solid foundation in pronunciation, writing script, grammar,  That said, attempting to communicate in Uyghur will surely impress your hosts if they speak the langauge. Pronunciation  Learn the Uyghur phrases such as greetings, questions, emergency expressions, asking for direction, language Holiday Wishes - Uyghur - Pronunciation  24 May 2016 Americans have been pronouncing the name of the Swedish furniture store Ikea all wrong, “Today” found out. Instead of emphasizing the the  26 Aug 2018 tures such as pronunciation similarity and hybrid language model features to predict the final results.