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The school will provide all the required books for the children.El colegio suministrará a los niños todos los libros necesarios. c. proporcionar. I'll provide the tent if you provide the food.

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Translation of "provide" in Spanish. proporcionar ofrecer prestar facilitar brindar proveer dar aportar suministrar establecer disponer prever. constituir garantizar impartir … to provide (so. with) sth.

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The Spanish TV package features 70+ channels with 14 in HD. NASA Television provides live coverage of launches, spacewalks and other mission events,  transitive verb. 1. (to supply) a. proveer. The company will provide a light lunch.La empresa proveerá un almuerzo ligero.
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please place your litter in the receptacle provided por favor hagan uso de los recipientes que les hemos proporcionado or suministrado para depositar la basura.
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We do our best to provide good service. Nosotros hacemos todo lo posible para proporcionar un buen servicio. These lessons should provide you all with the essential Spanish. to provide sth for sb/sth: I will provide food for everyone proveeré a todo el mundo de comida ⧫ proporcionaré or daré comida a todo el mundo. it provides accommodation for five families provee a cinco familias de alojamiento ⧫ da or proporciona alojamiento a cinco familias. Inglés.